Spring Session Blog | 1 of 12: Early Bird Bonuses!

Spring Session Blog | 1 of 12: Early Bird Bonuses!

Feb 10, 2023Joey Simon
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Hello Friends!

Welcome to our 6 week Spring Artist Exploratory Class! We are really so excited to be kicking it up a notch and offering an even more enriching and immersive artist experience for our Exploratory students!

From now until the Spring Session class ends, each week we will post an update about the spring classes, so you can follow along with what your kids can look forward to in the upcoming spring session, what they are learning, what they are creating and likely some smart and cute things the kids say during class. :)

Also we will post any special exploratory bonuses you may wish to take advantage of.

So to begin, one new perk you will notice when classes begin is that you will receive a Daily Report email about how your child is doing in class and what we accomplished. It is just a quick email that will include some artist facts if you are wanting to discuss what they learned.

Please feel free to come into the studio and check out the art we created that day after class has finished too!


And if you register before March 1st, we have added five FREE happiness-inducing bonuses to the class that students will earn and receive after successfully completing the class!



Kids love to collect our awesome, exclusive 4Cats designed Artist Trading Cards!

Kids can start their own Artist Trading Card bulletin boards at home, just like ours at the studio! A great way to encourage learning about art and remembering artist stories!


Every program graduate receives a golden 4Cats Artist Expert Certificate!


Kids earn an awesome artist badge to wear on their coat or back pack! Great conversation starters so they can share their knowledge about art and the artist stories!


After completing the 8 week session studentS get a FREE! 4Cats Vincent van Gogh inspired Ditto Oven-Bake Clay Kit!


After completing the class, kids will have access to our 4Cats Vincent van Gogh video for you to watch at home as a family! You will have access for 5 days after the last day of class!

This is a really great way to let your kids shine and show you what they have been learning in class and helps kids build self-confidence.

We will send an email with the url and after the last class.


Quick Spring Exploratory reminders:
  1. Kids can bring a water bottle.
  2. Kids will get messy—wear old clothes and shoes. These clothes will always be your messy clothes after class and we use professional art supplies!
  3. Please talk with students about appropriate behaviour and listening before the class. We want to ensure a fun, safe and respectful environment for every one!

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