December Workshop | 1 Hour + Decorating

Let It Snow

Join us for this 2-visit workshop!

Join us at the studio for this magical 2 part workshop, and create a true mixed media masterpiece in Let It Snow ❄️!

December | Let It Snow | 1 Hr Instructor Guided Workshop


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Workshop Details

Discover the magic of winter, snowflakes and paint pouring as we transform an 8”x8” wooden canvas board into an extraordinary wintery wonder! ❄️✨ This mixed media workshop includes step by step instructions for paint pouring using our own special (non-toxic) resin-like liquid vitreous medium. With no experience necessary, you’ll be amazed how beginner friendly this medium is as you mix and swirl your paint colours together. 

Once the paint has dried (a few days at least) return to the studio to adorn your wooden panel with beautiful hand drawn snowflakes, dots and designs. Using our professional quality metallic paint pens and some inspirational images, create your snowy scene. When finished, it will be the perfect wintery decor for your wall or shelf. 


1. Pour
Pour, swirl and paint the background 1 hour of instruction, stay up to 30 mins after to finesse.

2. Decorate
Return to add the snowflakes. We recommend 1 hour, depending on the amount of detail :)

3. Pick Up
As long as it’s dry take it home on the same day!


8" H × 8" W

Techniques & Materials

Techniques: pouring, drawing

Materials: wooden board, vitreous pour, acrylic paint, metallic markers

What is paint pouring?

This art technique is relatively new and modern, where artists pour colourful paint onto a canvas or surface to create beautiful and swirly patterns. The paint flows and mixes together, making each artwork unique and mesmerizing. People all over the world enjoy trying this exciting art form! Every piece of art that’s created this way is 100% unique, depending on how your hand or tool manipulates the paint.

"Every artist was first an amateur."

—Ralph Waldo Emerson