kids courses policies faqs



Missed Classes
We encourage students to attend on the same day and time as much as possible. However, if there is a day your child will have to miss, they may attend a different day that week to make up. Please let the instructor know to expect you beforehand. No credits or refunds for missed classes. All make up classes must be completed within the session the student is registered is in. Make up classes do not transfer over to another session. Maximum 2 make up classes per session.
Drop Off
Please do not arrive or drop off more than 5 minutes before classes begin as we really need planning time before the class to make sure the studio is prepared to welcome our students.
Pick Up
In order to make sure we have an open line of communication with parents:
  • We have scheduled 30 minutes between Exploratory classes. Feel free to spend time talking to the instructor or looking at project progress or display shelves with your child.
  • BUT… Please come into the classroom only once the curator has indicated that the class is over.
  • If you come in earlier it REALLY distracts the students. The last few minutes of class we will be discussing art history and we want to ensure students are engaged and involved. :)
  • If you feel like your child may get hungry, please feel free to pack a nut-free snack as well as a water bottle.
  • Clearly label all snacks, lunch bags, water bottles and clothing with your child's full name. Any left items will be held for a maximum of one week.
  • There are kids coming to the studio who are SEVERELY allergic to nuts. NO NUTS PLEASE!
Other Notes
  • No cell phones allowed. Please leave mobile devices and handheld electronics at home.
  • Please be "dressed for mess" as we will be painting with acrylics (which do not come out of clothing). We have some aprons here at the studio to borrow but sometimes pants, sleeves, dresses and shoes get messy too :)
  • If possible, to avoid paint getting on jackets, we highly recommend leaving jackets with parents.
  • Please know that in the event of serious behavioural issues, our policy is to call the parents for immediate pickup.
  • We do not offer refunds. We can transfer your booking if your booking is cancelled 2 weeks prior to the start of class. We cannot provide a transfer or credit after this time.
  • Children must be able to walk into class on their own. Parents are not permitted to stay and wait in the studio during class.