June Workshop | 1.5 hours

Tea Time

Join us for this 1-visit painting workshop!

Families and friends can step into the wonderful world of watercolour, in this relaxing and colourful workshop.

June | Tea Time | 1.5 Hr Instructor Guided Workshop


Workshop Details

In this Tea Time watercolour workshop, you’ll learn all about colours while experimenting with watercolour paints! Create a charming and colourful teapot, decorated how you like, with designs to inspire you.

Take home a colourful and fun watercolour painting, on artist quality 9"×12" watercolour paper.


1. Paint: 1.5 hours of instruction, stay up to 30 min after to finesse.

2. Pick Up: As long as everything is dry, take home today! Otherwise, return the next day to collect.


9" H × 12" W

Techniques & Materials

Techniques: watercolour, colour mixing

Materials: watercolour paper, watercolours

"Tea time is a chance to take a break, slow down, and appreciate the simple things in life."