Team Building

Celebrations are kind of our thing! We know what’s important about events, and here’s our list:

  1. VIBE: An inviting, communal space to unwind and chat. Let’s turn on the music and pour the paint!
  2. FUN: An easy to follow activity to enjoy as a group, no experience needed. We have lots of options to choose from. It’s all about enjoying the journey, not the destination.
  3. QUALITY: Professional quality tools and materials, and experienced instructors.
  4. SPACE: A place for friends and families to spend quality time together, let go of worries and enjoy the moment.

How the Team Building Parties Work:

Step 1: Party host chooses the date, time, and activity.

Step 2: Show Up! Create, laugh and be merry!

Step 3: Come back to the studio to pick up the wonderful artwork everyone created. 

That’s it! Our team building parties should be stress free, low maintenance and fun! The studio is already a beautiful, colourful and lively space so no decorations are necessary! You’re always welcome to arrange a visit beforehand to see the space, just contact the studio.

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